Yoga & Meditation Package

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Yoga has been the cornerstone of our civilisation for a long time. Among the many disciplines that have graced this world, none is more exquisite or sublime than Yoga , the twin sister of Ayurveda. Yoga is not just an art or a medium to ward off lethargy as well as maladies, but it is also the most graceful and coordinated method to instil a visible sense of respect for the healthy living. Yoga, in the language of scholars, is a divine concept, capable of curing us of all afflictions.

In very simple words, Yoga is the collection of various physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines or practices that originated in ancient India. Yoga is a medium through which a person can attain the perpetual state of mental tranquillity while simultaneously also achieving a bodily supremacy. This discipline is multifaceted and can accommodate various other doctrines to form a blend of eclectic practices. Though Yoga is generally seen as a way to overcome bodily shortcomings and maladies, the full extent of Yogic potential isn't limited at that.

At Acme Holiday, there are provisions for providing Yogic therapy for individuals. With these facilities, one can easily learn about the nuances of Yoga and incorporate them into their lives. Yoga therapy at Acme Holiday is well designed and instils the underlying principle of this art very subtly in someone's mind.

Package Tariff (INR)

Villa's 7 Nights / 8 Days 14 Nights / 15 Days 21 Nights / 22 Days 28 Nights / 29 Days
  Single Double Single Double Single Double Single Double
Deluxe 86,450 1,48,400 1,72,900 2,96,800 2,59,350 4,45,200 3,45,800 5,93,600
Classic 1,01,150 1,63,100 2,02,300 3,26,200 3,03,450 4,89,300 4,04,600 6,52,400
Royal 1,20,750 1,82,700 2,41,500 3,65,400 3,62,250 5,48,100 4,83,000 7,30,800
Maharaja 11,99,150 2,51,300 3,98,300 5,02,600 5,97,450 7,53,900 7,96,600 10,05,200